Thursday, April 26, 2007

Still in Falmouth

(A few last minute pics from Falmouth...)

The anchorage is right near the docks, where we had some very large neighbours!

The Chain Locker pub near the town quay

Good Morning again from Falmouth. This week has been very relaxed. We spent several nights at anchor a little further up the river near Trelissick House, and an early morning doing some twitching in the dinghy even further upstream where we had to pay constant attention on the tide, in order not to have to carry it back to deeper water. Motored up at about 6am then switched the outboard off and enjoyed some tranquility while drifting back on the ebb in total silence, and almost undisturbed by other people save for a couple of kayakers. Spotted most of the birds as advertised in the brochure - herons, egrets, oystercatchers and others. Stayed at that anchorage for another couple of nights before heading back into Falmouth. I made a completely avoidable navigational error going around a green buoy the wrong way. Very embarrassing as there were people watching from the beach as Lady Ayesha grounded on the sandbank and sat there heeling over more and more as the last of the tide was still dropping. But despite sheeting in all sail, I couldn't get her to tilt enough to float free so luckily we were assisted by a couple of friendly blokes in a speedboat. Passed them a halyard and managed to swing free and back into deeper water again. A very good lesson learnt regarding paying attention to pilotage in narrow channels. Once anchored again we thought it a good idea to inspect the underside in case of any damage to rudder or skeg. In these waters, that means getting rubbered up!

We also did a bit of engine maintenance after hearing a slightly different tone from the drive chain to usual. Disconnected the propshaft at the flanges to check engine alignment and make any adjustments to the engine mounts if necessary as we had replaced these a few months earlier and they had now had a chance to bed in. Fortunately no further adjustments were necessary, and following inspection of prop, P bracket, stern gland and shaft concluded that everything was in order.

Had a terrific sail back into Falmouth where we were visited several times near our anchorage by this wonderful old square rigger which in the early morning mist looked like it had sailed sraight out of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Anchored next to us are a couple, Paul & Christine, sailing their Canadian registered boat Quintana, en route to Ireland from their Atlantic crossing and a winter in France. Spent a couple of evenings hanging out with them, chatting over a bottle of wine or two and playing cards. Great to hear stories from the other side of the pond. Anyway, the weather front we were waiting for now appears to have passed over. The barometric 'dip' we saw over the last few days which was accompanied by fairly strong winds has now normalised, and the wind has veered again, so the plan now is to head down to near Penzance tomorrow, and around the corner on Saturday.