Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anglesey to the Isle of Man

Hello from Scotland, where internet access is becoming inreasingly rare. From Holyhead we sailed to Peel, on the west coast of the Isle of Man. A beautiful green island and a town lost in some time all of its own. We initially tied up against the breakwater seen in the first photo below, but managed to raft up to an American yacht in the inner harbour after an uncomfortable first night once the swell started to kick in. We were woken up by the sound of heavy breathing. Several seals had come into the harbour looking for sand eels and regularly popped their heads up near the boat. The weather was due to darken and rise, and we were very glad for a few nights within the protective sill in the inner harbour which is the focal point of the whole town. Locals and tourists alike wandered past the dock looking over visiting yachts and were always ready to chat and ask where we've come from and where we're going. The castle provided a romantic backdrop, and the pub, the Creek Inn was in the middle of a real ale festival which was not at all a disappointment to me. Met up with Murray and Elaine, Murray is Jaime's great Uncle, who treated us to a fantastic Indian meal.

Peel, outer harbour.

Peel, Inner Harbour.

Peel Castle, St Patricks Island.

Looking south down the coast from Peel towards the Calf of Man.

Peel from above.

Rafted up to our American friends, 'Farida' out of San Fransisco, who are also heading towards Scotland. There was some unresolved local discussion about whether they were correctly flying the Isle of Man courtesy flag.